Cecil Bienvenu

Conclave Chief of Staff

Welcome to the “Queen City” of Charlotte, NC, and our 37th International Conclave.  Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for scheduling this part of your summer to join us here to conduct the business of Illustrious Organization.

I am the Conclave Chief of Staff of our Executive Conclave Committee.  I trust our team will cover all of your reasonable concerns in regards to Housing, Registration, Guest Services, Programming, Transportation, Vendor Services, and of course the Local sites and attractions.

We have worked diligently to prepare an enjoyable and entertaining experience for all of our member participants and invited family, friends and guest.

Please feel free to reach out to anyone of our dedicated 37th International Conclave Staff and committee members while you are attending this special occasion.

I trust you will enjoy all the Brotherhood of Iota Phi Theta and the Queen City has to offer.